Housing & Support

Board of Trustees, representing various Christian church communities, oversees operation of Kedesh Maternity Home. Staff, led by the Executive Director, provide 24 hour care and support, modeling Christian values.

Residents of Kedesh Maternity Home are women between the ages of 15 to 22 who are pregnant or have a newborn baby.
Please note: women outside the age range stated above will still be considered.

Women will be accepted regardless of circumstance, race, religion or financial need.
The young mother may enter the home anytime during their pregnancy and stay for 1 year after childbirth.

Provided that:

  • There is a current opening in the home.
  • The woman has decided to carry the baby to term.
  • The applicant accepts and agrees with the house policies.

Assistance with transitional housing will be provided when the mother is prepared to leave the home and parent independently.